The official language of Ukraine is Ukrainian. It is also the most widely used language in the country. Lack of knowledge of this language could discourage potential businesses from taking advantage of the excellent trading opportunities in this country. We at Pacific Services believe that language should never be a barrier for interaction of the businesses of the two countries. A team of expert translators is available at Pacific Services to translate any of your documents, fill forms and tenders, translate laws and legislations and help in interpretation of trade negotiations.

Our highly skilled translators could also help you to communicate with the Ukrainian scientists, technologists, engineers and others whom you would need to consult with for furthering your business.

One of the most challenging services provided by the team of translators at Pacific Services is the conceiving of advertisements and the marketing of products. This is so because it is difficult to reach the targeted foreign language market in an effective way. Our team of highly skilled and dedicated translators are up to the challenge and will ensure that your company message is clearly understood by the target audience.

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