"Enterprise India 2004", an exhibition, was held in July 2004 in Kyiv by the CII. Here small and medium enterprises displayed hand tools, bicycle and auto parts. In the recent past, there have been many commercial and trade delegations from India to Ukraine, from sectors as varied as gem and jewellery (Gem and Jewellery Export Promotion Council), agriculture (FICCI), wool and woollen products (Wool and Woollen Export Promotion Council), to herbals segment of pharmaceuticals (PHARMEXCIL) etc. The Mission in association with the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in Kyiv have made arrangements for organising the exhibitions and the buyer-seller meetings.

In 2005, when the Presidents of India and Ukraine met in Kiev, it was mutually decided that by the year 2010 that bilateral trade between the two countries should reach the 5 billion US dollar mark. The bilateral trade between India and Ukraine received a strong impetus because of this meeting of the two presidents and also because of the two high powered trade delegations which visited Ukraine in 2006.

Trade relations have never been better between the two countries and this is the time to address those issues which cause an impediment in our trade relations. One such issue, is the signing of the Treaty of Marine Navigation. Lack of this treaty causes a lot of problems to arise in shipping between India and Ukraine. Also, to make trade and investment more attractive, certain reforms in banking and the financial sector and transparency in taxing is advisable.

To establish and develop a relationship between the Indian and Ukrainian businessmen, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry “India- CIS” plays an extremely active role. They arrange meetings between representatives of both countries, be they from state agencies or the business milieu.

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