Ukraine has been blessed with the most beautiful of landscapes and a rich and colourful history. The Carpathian Mountains, where one can enjoy adventure sports and leisure activities, the wonderful, relaxing, coastline of the Black Sea, cruises down Dneiper River, vineyards, ruins of ancient castles, old mosques, churches, cathedrals and synagogue- what more could a tourist ask for? However tourism in Ukraine has not reached its potential and the government is trying hard to boost this industry. To give a kick start to the tourism industry, the support of a bustling and thriving hotel and resort industry is a must.

Hence at the present time the Ukrainian Resort and Hotel industry, where demand greatly exceeds supply, looks like an extremely promising venture. The Ukrainian Government is doing everything possible to eliminate hurdles that could be a deterrent for potential investors.

We at the Pacific Services believe that investing in the hotel and tourism industry is not an opportunity to pass up. There are many resorts and tourist places which are up for sale and many of them have put out proposals for investments. Some of the aspects of this business which we can help you tackle are,

The preliminary technical, market and commercial assessment of the hotel\resort.
Legal assessment of the hotel.
Pacific Services will help you invest in this industry and receive the best returns.
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