Import & Export

At Pacific Services, we specialise in providing services for companies in India and Ukraine (and other CIS countries) who are interested in the import-export of goods and services. For those who are interested in importing-exporting products we can be of immense help. Some of the products, which when imported from Ukraine, would prove to be financially lucrative are metals, sunflower seed oil, cement, minerals, chemicals and power presses. On the other hand pharmaceuticals, tea and cotton are some of the products which have a high demand in Ukraine.

At Pacific we offer a wide gamut of services which would help make your entry into the import-export business a cake walk. For those already in the business, we will help smoothen the path and take care of the hurdles encountered in the market.

Our  skilled  and   knowledgeable  staff  could  help in  export  marketing,  applications  for  export  import licences, preparing contracts, financing and obtaining grants, insurance and guarantee  problems, tax treatment, licensing, foreign trade regulations and many other formalities required for setting up of your business.
We  at  Pacific  Services  could  help  with  all legal formalities of the export orders undertaken by  your company.
In  case  of a dispute  between a Ukraine buyer and your company ,  we could help locate another buyer for your company.
If  your  hesitancy  in  entering  the  export  market  is  based  on  a  worry  regarding  receiving payment  from the importer of your consignment, then leave the identification of the buyers in our capable hands. We at Pacific can help identify and put you in contact with reliable players in the market. In fact, under certain circumstances we at Pacific Services can even make a guarantee regarding the payment.

So remember, no matter what your requirements for starting up your business, we at Pacific are just a click away.

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