foreign direct investment

The enterprises which remain lucrative for foreign investors were in the following sectors and the investment percentages were as follows:

Wholesale and domestic trading – 10.7%
Metallurgy and metal works – 6.6%
Food industry and processing of agricultural products – 6%
Finance / Insurance – 11.4%
Transport and communication – 4.3%
Machine works and engineering – 4.3%
Other sectors which included chemical and petrochemical industries (3.6%), construction (2.4%) and real estate (5.7%) – 43.3%

Today one of the promising sectors for high returns on FDI is real estate as this market is growing annually by 30%. Another avenue for foreign investors to get good returns on their capital is by importing goods into the country. Thus FDI in these two sectors is showing a steady upward trend.

The government needs to take many positive steps to increase FDI in Ukraine. It needs to assure the investors that the right safeguards are in place to protect their investments. It also needs to ensure that the correct laws are in place to implement these safeguards.

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