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Ukraine encourages foreign trade and investment. The share of foreign trade in the country’s GDP has reached about 115%.

Foreign trade turnover of goods and services showed a 15.1% increase in 2006, in comparison to the year 2005. This trade turnover amounted to USD 123.668 billion. The increase in export of goods in 2006 was 12.1% as compared to 2005 and the increase in imports was 24.6% for the same period.

Export of goods in January 2007 showed a 37.2% increase when compared to the exports in the same month in 2006. The imports for the same period showed a 36.5% increase. Thus the increase in rates of exports and imports for the month of January 2007 were almost the same.

The balance of goods turned negative in 2005 and stood at USD 1.9 billion, In 2006 the balance of goods remained negative and was USD 6.7 billion. In the first month of the year 2007 the negative balance of goods amounted to USD 0.5 billion as compared to USD 0.4 billion in January of 2006.

Ukraine exports products to a hundred and forty countries all over the world. The country’s main exports are ferrous and non ferrous metals, metal products, engines, transport and mechanical equipment, food products, fuel and petroleum products, chemical, scrap, pipes and textiles. The commodities Ukraine imports are energy, machinery and equipment, pharmaceutical products and textiles.

The inter-republic foreign trade operations with Russia and other CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) stood at 39.2% in 2005 indicating that Ukraine relied a great deal on former Soviet Republics for trade. The trade in goods accounted for 88.6% while trade in services was 11.4% of total foreign trade activity.                                                                                    ›› more

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